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10 Very Useful Moving Tips

Posted on September 28th, 2014

Here’s a few tips you may not have thought of, that will make the moving process easier on you.

1. Pack the items you’ll need right away after the move in a clear plastic bin. Put your paper towels and toilet paper, phone and laptop chargers, and the things you’ll need to cook your first meal or two into a clear bin. That way you’ll be able to see what’s in the bin, and it will also stand out from the rest of your boxes, making it easier to find as you’re taking everything off of the truck. If you don’t have a clear plastic bin, adding colored duct tape or a splash of spray paint to the outside of a cardboard box will also work.


2. Use clothes as protection. Wrapping flatware and other breakable items in clothing can save you on the cost of bubble wrap, and can also save a lot of space. Socks make great holders for glasses, and most other breakables can be put inside of shirts or wrapped in towels.


3. Prevent spills by putting saran wrap over the top of your toiletry bottles.


4. Utilize press ‘n’ seal. You can move dresser drawers with their contents intact by covering them with press ‘n’ seal. This saves you the hassle of packing the drawer contents, and also saves you a few boxes worth of space. Wrapping jewelry displays with press ‘n’ seal is a great way to prevent lost earrings along the way, and to save the time of packing and unpacking jewelry.


5. Take pictures of the wiring on any electronics before packing them. This saves you time and frustration later by making it easy to figure out which cord goes where when you set things up in your new home.


6. Pack smaller items into any containers that are going with you. If you’re moving baskets, hampers, laundry bins, or suitcases, make sure you fill them and utilize the space that is already being taken up. Put loose items from the kitchen inside Tupperware.


7. Take the clothes that are hanging in your closet, and put a trash bag over the bottoms of them, as far up as it will stretch. This is a fast and easy way to pack your closet clothes, and it keeps them on the hangers, so that you can unpack them just as fast.


8. Move your bed first. Have your bed be the last thing you put onto the moving truck, so that it’s the first thing going into your new home. Take a few minutes to assemble the bed and put the bedding on it before you finish unloading. This will allow you to crawl into an already-prepared bed after a long day of moving.


9. Many appliances have special instructions for moving. Check the owner’s manual sometime in the week before the move to make sure you’re transporting appliances properly.


10. Remember the supplies you’ll for the actual moving day. Have snacks and bottles of water on hand, and have cash for the movers and any other expenses that may pop up.



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