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10 Ways To Find An Oklahoma City Moving Company

Posted on March 5th, 2016

As a local Oklahoma City business we’re always trying to do our best to serve and understand our Oklahoma customers.  We want to provide the best moving experience possible for our customers, and that requires us to thoroughly understand our customers’ needs and problems for all things related to their moving process.  So we’re constantly asking customers questions about their moving experiences and how we can help make the moving process easier for them.

One of the most common issues we hear from our customers is that they don’t even know where to begin looking for a moving company once they decide they want to hire one.  On average, Americans live to about 79 years old, and the average person will move 11.4 times in their lifetime.  So that works out to the average person moving about once every seven years.  Since people only have the need for a mover once every seven years, it makes sense that most people don’t have a go-to moving provider or a preferred moving company that quickly comes to mind when they decide they need to hire a moving company, as the last time they used a mover was probably seven years ago!

Most of our customers only use a moving company once every seven years, so when they need a mover a lot of our customers say they have trouble even knowing where to look. So we came up with this comprehensive list on how to look for a moving company to help Oklahoma City area residents find their next mover.

We hope you find our list of places where you can find an Oklahoma City moving company useful!

10 Places To Look For An Oklahoma City Moving Company

1.  Google It!

Have you heard of Google yet?  Just kidding!  Of course you’ve heard of Google.  Google is a huge part of the American economy these days and there are probably hundreds of thousands (or more) searches done every day that are related to finding a moving company.  When you go to Google type in a phrase like movers okcmoving companiesmovers Edmond ok, or long distance moving companies and see what comes up in the search results.  Scan the entire first and second page and you should be able to gather a list of a handful of local Oklahoma City movers that you can call for a moving quote.  Google is great resource for finding a moving company.

2.  Google Maps

Another Google product we recommend is Google Maps.  You can go to Google maps and type in movers or moving companies and see what Google Maps comes back with.  Google Maps can help you find a moving company that’s located near you, and this can help you save money on your move since a moving company’s close location to your origination address can help lower the fuel and travel fees on the move.

3.  Bing

Just like Google, you can go to Bing and do a search for a local moving company and then review the first couple pages of the Bing results.  If you see a moving company listed in the first two pages of both Google and Bing than that’s probably a good sign that they’re an established Oklahoma City moving company since both Google and Bing list them highly in their search results.  Just like Google, Bing is a good search engine to use to find a local moving company.

4.  Yelp

Yelp originally started as a restaurant review website, and we’ve all probably spent hours looking at the mouth-watering food pictures people post on their restaurant views.  But in recent years Yelp has branched out to become a customer review resource for other types of industries, including moving companies.  You can search Yelp for movers in Oklahoma City and get a list of some Oklahoma City moving companies and read their customer reviews.

5.  The Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau of Central Oklahoma is also a great resource to help you find a local Oklahoma City moving company.  You can check the companies’ BBB ratings and any complaint history they’ve dealt with through the BBB.  Here is a list of BBB accredited movers in Oklahoma City.

6.  Local Chambers of Commerce

Being a member of a local chamber of commerce is a strong sign of community involvement and a sign of an established local business.  And the Chambers are a great place to look for a local moving company. Here are some links to the moving company pages on the websites of local chambers of commerce around the Oklahoma City area.

Greater Oklahoma City Chamber

Edmond Area Chamber of Commerce

Norman Chamber of Commerce

7.  Ask Your Friends

Your friends are a great resource when you’re looking for a mover.  Most people are passionate about their experiences with moving companies.  When you read online reviews of moving companies you’ll find that most reviews are either 5 stars or 1 star.  Either people loved the service they got, or they hated it.  But either way, people usually have strong feelings about the moving company they last worked with.  So we recommend asking your Facebook friends if they have a moving company they can recommend.  Or if they can’t recommend one, ask them if they know of any moving companies you should stay away from.  The average person moves every seven years, so if you have 150 Facebook friends, then there’s a good chance that at least 20 of them moved within the last year.  So be sure to ask your Facebook friends if they have any moving companies they can recommend.

8.  Ask Your Realtor

Your realtor is another great source for finding a mover.  Realtors work with people who need movers every day, so they probably know a good moving company they can recommend.  So be sure to see if your realtor has a moving company they’ve had good experiences with that they can recommend.

9. is a website that you can go to to get moving quotes from multiple moving companies.  You tell about your moving needs, and they’ll send your lead information to multiple moving companies and then those moving companies will contact you with their moving quotes.

10. is another resource where you an look for an Oklahoma City moving company.  Similar to, you tell about your moving needs, and then they send your lead information to multiple movers who can then contact you and give you their moving quotes.